The Betrayal of Germany

The American form of democratic republicanism was ostensibly designed so that constituents could interact with their elected representatives to ensure the needs of the people in any one congressional district would be represented in the House of Representatives by the individual elected by his respective district. Of course, over the years, big money and special interests groups grew to possess far more influence on elected officials than voters from each congressman’s district, but the original design of this electoral process was fundamentally sound.

In Europe, however, elected officials have grown further and further out of touch from what the citizens of each European Union country truly want. A perfectly harrowing example is on full display in 2015 Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel–“Time” magazine’s “Person of the Year”–has completely betrayed the trust of her citizens by completely ignoring their pleas to keep Germany’s borders secure. In 2015 alone, Merkel has facilitated the importation of 1.5 million Muslim immigrants into Germany–a country the geographic size of the state of Wisconsin–thereby throwing the country into utter disarray. (Making matters worse are predictions that, in 2016, Germany will accept an even greater number of so-called “refugees.”)

Merkel’s government hasn’t merely flooded Germany with foreign invaders–it has evicted German residents from their homes to house the migrant invaders, placed 1,500 migrants in a German town with a native population of just 500 people, and has otherwise blissfully ignored the pleas of the German people to cease the influx of what are supposedly refugees from war-torn Syria. As the residents of Germany–as well as Austria, Greece, and Sweden–have learned, less than one of every four invaders is actually from Syria; the majority are from neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries, and these invaders have made it perfectly clear they are arriving in Europe to enjoy the benefits of government-funded assistance and free housing. Indeed, the controlled media have not broadcast a single minute of footage–hours of which exist on YouTube and elsewhere–showing migrants arriving in Europe boasting about the money they plan to collect from their new host governments and proclaiming that the overrun European nations will soon be dominated by Muslims and Sharia Law.

Despite the media’s attempt to portray these migrants as women and children desperate to escape the Syrian civil war, United Nations data reveals that the average “refugee” is a male Muslim between the ages of 18 and 30. Ignored by the media is the strategy of these invaders: arrive in a welcoming, progressive European country, obtain welfare assistance and housing–and then send for the rest of their family, thereby virtually quadrupling the already staggering number of Muslim invaders stampeding across Europe. Also being ignored are the brutal crimes being committed by these invaders: already documented are rapes of young girls, clashes with police and aid workers simply trying to distribute supplies, and protests in which the Muslims announce they will breed with the native women to grown in numbers, after which they plan to abolish what little remains of freedom in Europe in exchange for Sharia Law. The most grotesque case occurred in Great Britain, where a Muslim-led sex-trafficking ring led to the sexual abuse of more than 1,400 minors–a practice that was allowed to continue because investigating officers did not want to be labeled “racist.”

How, then, did Merkel grow so out of touch with the wishes of those she represents? It should be clear, of course, that Merkel is serving not the German people but another master, one hell-bent on the utter annihilation of Europe and its transformation into a cosmopolitan third-world civilization. Why else would she leave her country’s borders open and announce Germany would take every migrant that arrived on Duestchland’s doorstep? Why would she, during a press conference, push a German flag out of view and mutter that it was embarrassing? Who is Merkel really working for?

It’s not the German people–that much is certain. The average German citizen is fed up–fed up with the squalid conditions of the refugee camps, the trash left everywhere in the streets by ungrateful migrants, the rising crime and targeting of young German woman for sexual assault. Despite being forced to forever live in the guilty shadow of the Holocaust, the Germans remain a proud people, and they refuse to be overrun and out-bred by savages with no interest in assimilating into German culture or obeying the laws of the land. Every week, more than a dozen refugee centers are set ablaze by disaffected German citizens tired of their country being turned into a Caliphate. Physical attacks on Muslims are on the rise as well. Alas, this is the result of forcing two very different groups of people together and telling the native peoples they must change their way of life to accommodate the invaders. The violence will only continue to escalate as the Muslim invaders feel more and more at home. Then what?

Within the next 15 years, a leader will rise in Europe–not necessarily from Germany, but from a country within the EU–that makes Adolf Hitler look like Mother Theresa. Indeed, all of the elements that catapulted Hitler to power are present–waves of foreigners, a poor economy, a lack of national pride and unity, a failing central government–and this new leader will espouse many of the same messages Hitler voiced in the streets nearly 100 years ago. The citizens of Europe are ready; in fact, a Czech newspaper recently conducted a poll that indicated 60 percent of respondents would vote for Hitler today to address the Muslim invasion crisis. (Predictably, the story was retracted due to pressure from the powers-that-be.) Invoking a fervent sense of nationalism and racial identity and self-presevation, this new leader will inspire millions to take back Europe and drive the Muslim hordes back to the Middle East…or face even more dire consequences.

Such a development might invoke World War III, depending on if NATO opts to get involved. Regardless, it is a battle that must be fought. Those of European decent represent only 7 percent of the world’s population, and the death rate exceeds the birth rate in every European country. The next 20 years represent a fight for the very existence of the European peoples–and, while they are badly outnumbered, their fighting ferocity cannot be underestimated. This is the race that discovered and conquered the entire world. This is the race that very nearly defeated the Soviet Union while also in possession of France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. The European lion has been slumbering for far too long. Once awakened, there will be work to be done, and it will be dirty work indeed. The survival of the European people depends on it.


“They Were the Last Line of Defense”

On July 14, 2015, the Christian Science Monitor published one of the first in-depth looks at the migrant crisis that now has Europe by the throat.  While making the dubious claim–refuted by videos across YouTube showing Greek citizens fearful for their own lives–that residents of the Mediterranean country had been “welcoming and generous” to the flood of asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Somalia, the article does note that, as of five months ago, roughly 1,000 migrants per day were arriving on Grecian shores.

To be sure, most migrants were simply passing through, seeking government-funded riches in countries such as Germany, where public aid is seemingly limitless and “tolerance” evidently now means evicting native Germans to make room for the flood of able-bodied Muslim men changing Europe’s complexion virtually overnight.  (By year’s end, Germany–a country roughly the size of Wisconsin–expects to have absorbed 1.5 million migrants.)

The unintentional–yet perhaps foretelling irony–of the Monitor publishing its story on July 14 is that, on that very day in 1683, the Ottoman Empire laid siege to Vienna.  In other words, nearly 350 years ago, an army swearing allegiance to Islam attempted to conquer one of Europe’s most economically and culturally significant cities.  Facing an Ottoman army of nearly 150,000 troops with just 15,000 conscripts of his own, Ernst Rüdiger Graf von Starhemberg–leader of European forces stationed at Vienna–dismissed the Turkish demand of surrender and dug in to fight down to the very last man.

Intense fighting followed for weeks on end, with food and other supplies essentially cut off to Vienna.  Later that summer, the Polish, led by Jan III Sobieski, united with armies from Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, Franconia, and Swabia.  Ultimately, the Ottoman army was routed, with Sobieski paraphrasing Julius Caesar by saying, Veni, vidi, Deus vicit (“I came, I saw, God conquered”).

To be sure, there were conflicting interests among the kings, generals, and others who led their men to battle to save Vienna from the Ottoman Empire.  What these men shared, however, was a belief that Europe was home, that it was worth protecting–that the very soil had been renewed time and time again by European blood and deserved to be defended to the death.  Today, conflicting interests once again prevail in Europe, with treasonous public officials insisting it is Europe’s duty to accommodate hordes of migrants not fleeing warzones but simply seeking to take advantage of the Western way of life.

Europe has already begun to unite again.  The Germans march side by side with the Polish; the Swedes and Britons have had enough, too.  But who will answer the call like the defenders of Vienna in 1683?  Who will, in the words of Before God’s song of the same name, be “the last line of defense”?

BFG Track by Track: “Old Sarge” (Part 4 of 12)

Nearly 100 years ago, a young–yet wise beyond his years–man proclaimed that you could tell everything about a nation by the way it treats its returning military veterans.  Sadly, never has this been more painfully true than it is in 21st century America, where the men and women who risked their very lives fighting wars in distant lands for causes they could scarcely comprehend are now dying while they wait for adequate medical treatment.  On the first page of the liner notes for Death and Defiance, the band notes:

A nation that does not honor its soldiers for the sacrifices [they’ve] given is a black eye upon the face of that nation.  Many of these young guys enlist for the purposes of schooling, work, and patriotic duty.  They end up being brought into wars that have [nothing of] interest for them.  They give their limbs, souls, and lives going to [untamed] lands fighting wars they can’t win for the interests of others.  When they come home damaged, they can’t find work–life is just not the same anymore for so many of them.  This song was influenced by a good friend of ours who went and did his tours of duty for his country.  His health slowly started to change upon his return.  From a big strong man, he ended up in a wheelchair.  Not knowing what he contracted over there, he was given the run-around and told that his sickness was “inside his head” by the appointed, so-called “medical experts.”  Even though we do not support or condone these foreign wars, we do support these veterans that have had to suffer.

Bound for Glory has recorded a number of songs illustrating the tragic plight of brave soldiers all but forgotten by the countries that asked them to put life and limb on the line in the ostensible defense of freedom.  One such track, “Unknown Soldier,” tells the haunting story of a Vietnam veteran who died fighting the communist hordes of southeast Asia and whose remains never made it back to America for proper interment.  A portion of “Unknown Soldier”–which appeared on the band’s 1997 album Glory Awaits–rings frighteningly true today:

Sent off to battle to fight a politician’s war
Still never knowing what you were fighting for
You were just another number, just another screw
Out to protect the interests of a chosen few
You fought pitched battles, were placed in constant heat
Now the enemy is living on your old street
The one-world government opened the door and let them in
While leading men to slaughter knowing they couldn’t win

“Old Sarge,” meanwhile, weaves the narrative of a 21st century soldier who, after answering “the call of Uncle Sam,” returns home to see that absolutely nothing has changed.  Not only has the conflict in which he served so honorably seem all but abandoned by his military leaders, but he, as an individual, is virtually invisible to the citizens he risked all to protect.  Scheduling a visit with a doctor to discuss the growing pain inside him is all but impossible, and the wait time for the appointment does nothing but allow him symptoms to grow even worse.

When he is finally examined by an overburdened, understaffed Veteran’s Affairs clinic, he is given the very worst news possible: the doctor thinks the former battlefield hero’s suffering is all in his head.  A regiment of antidepressant, antipsychotic medications is prescribed, but that’s not what Old Sarge needs.  He simply wants to know why it’s growing harder and harder to walk, why there’s a stabbing pain shooting down his spine when he stands–and, most of all, while no one in the system that supposedly exists to help him seems to give a damn.

Before long, Old Sarge–the very same soldier who manned a mounted .50-cal. machine gun and disarmed improvised explosive devices–has been reduced to a wheelchair.  He asks for pity from no one; rather, he seeks only to tell his story as a cautionary tale to others considering enlisting in America’s Armed Forces.  Be “an Army of One,” one branch of the military says; “The Few. The Proud” beckons another.

Military service has its inherent value, to be sure.  Boys transform into men, leaders are created, and soldiers prove themselves in combat.  But at what cost?  To come home to an American public indifferent to these sacrifices, regardless of how many public-relations campaign the government finances?  And consider the death toll of the past half-dozens wars we’ve fought–wars, by any objective analysis, we didn’t win:

  • Korean War: 33, 686
  • Vietnam War: 58,220
  • Desert Storm: 146
  • Afghanistan: Unknown
  • Iraq War: 4,491

That’s nearly 100,000 good American men and women gone forever.  Their only crime: Serving their country and fighting in wars they were never meant to decisively win.

The chorus of “Old Sarge” states, “Who gives a damn about Old Sarge?”  This inquiry is followed by a ferocious growl by lead vocalist Joel that “WE DO!”


BFG Track by Track: “Once We Were” (Part 3 of 12)

Whether you’re Christian or not, the Easter holiday brings with it a spirit of rebirth, a hope for redemption and a faith that our sacrifices in this life are not in vain.  So, too, does the haunting seventh track of Bound for Glory’s 25th-anniversary album, Death and Defiance: Entitled”Once We Were,” the song painfully reflects on the two catastrophic global conflicts of the 20th century that took more than 80 million lives, reshaped borders across Europe, Africa, and the Far East, and ultimately ushered in the regimes, policies, legislation, and popular media that have all but doomed those of European descent to extinction.

As Joel, Bound for Glory’s lead vocalist, sorrowfully asks in the second quartet of the song’s chorus:

Once we were brothers
Side by side, we were family
Why did we ever fight over borders
When none of us are free?

The somber tone of the song is further enhanced by searing guitar leads performed by Drew and Goose, Bound for Glory’s two rhythm guitarists.

The true causes for each conflict are complex.  Regrettably, World War II has been sold to generations as “The Good War,” with what Tom Brokaw described as “The Greatest Generation” leaving their homes in America to venture halfway across the world to vanquish the twin evils of Germany and Japan.  Nevertheless, Americans have been left with countless questions–the answers to which exist, though often too unpleasantly for most to accept:

The questions, indeed, are endless, the answers available–but the outcome of both wars cannot be undone.  Ultimately, the only question that remains is the one asked by William Gayley Simpson as the title of his 758-page masterwork: Which Way, Western Man?  Will we continue to blindly serve our democratic masters, fighting wars that benefit a chosen few?  Or will we learn from the past, find the truth, and unite to ensure something so destructively tragic as World Wars I and II never happen again?

Which way, western man?

BFG Track by Track: “Kaytn” (Part 2 of 12)

From the liner notes of Bound for Glory’s Death and Defiance:

“This song is in respect to the fallen Polish officers and intellectuals that were systematically rounded up, taken from their homes, and executed.  This atrocity has scarred many families and shall not be swept under the rug and forgotten.  The people knew who the true criminals were, but were unable to speak up about it, for they faced imprisonment or death.  But in the ’90s, the truth finally came out.  This song is for the victims, their families, and the nation’s loss.”

“Katyn,” the final track from Bound for Glory’s 25th-anniversary album, is a haunting, painful account of a Polish officer being forced from his home and led into the forest to be systematically murdered along with more than 20,000 of his people.  The pain and anger in vocalist Joel’s voice  reinforces the savage brutality with which the Soviet secret police (NKVD) carried out their orders:

“The baby is crying as she clutches her mother’s breast
She hasn’t seen her father since the day that he left
Never would she know the father she loved so much
She weeps of his memory, her mother weeps of his touch
In the forest, the forest of sorrow
Roam their souls, wandering amongst the hollows
In these soils, these bloody soils of pain
Your bones lie with your photos, your uniform is stained
They threatened the people, they made them be silent
The knew the truth, yet they kept it inside them
People threatened by a terror regime
No one dares speak of the victims of Katyn”

Wehrmacht soldiers of the German Third Reich discovered evidence of the massacre in 1943–and, predictably, were immediately blamed for the atrocity by the Soviet propaganda machine.  The Soviet Information Bureau claimed that “Polish prisoners-of-war who in 1941 were engaged in construction work west of Smolensk and who…fell into the hands of the German-Fascist hangmen.”

Astonishingly, Western leaders such as Winston Churchill accepted the Soviet government’s explanation of the massacre.  In Churchill’s own memoirs, he reinforces the 1944 Soviet explanation of the Katyn tragedy, noting that “belief seems an act of faith.”  Similarly, American President Franklin Roosevelt was informed of the massacre and that the Soviet Secret Police were responsible for the murder of more than 20,000 Polish citizens, yet ordered the report suppressed and declared that the Nazi military was ultimately behind the massacre.

The blood of these innocent Polish officers, fathers, and sons is not only on the hands of Stalin but also stains the revered hands of Churchill and Roosevelt as well.  The Western powers chose to ally with the regime of a man responsible for more murders than Hitler can ever be accused of–even if you include the ridiculous and implausible claims that his Waffen-SS manufactured lampshades from Jewish flesh and used the fat of innocent Jewish victims to produce soap.  Hitler’s agenda for Europe was divisive, to be sure, but his ultimate aim was destroy the communist plague infecting the massive eastern tract of the continent.

The Western Allies aligned with Stalin and systematically annihilated Germany.  Following President Truman’s orders, General Eisenhower and his men stood back and watched as the Red Army swarmed into Germany, raping, terrorizing, and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent German civilians.  Vengeful Red Army soldiers joked that the next generation of German children would all be named “Ivan” as a result of the mass rape of German women by the invading Soviet forces.  Ultimately, the Western powers and the Soviet Union carved up Germany and divided one of history’s great civilizations into “zones” to be occupied by the victorious Allies and Bolsheviks.

Of course, the decision to ally with the Soviet Union had consequences far beyond the second World War.  The next 50 years were spent on the brink of total nuclear war, and thousands upon thousands of American troops lost their lives in Korea and Vietnam attempting to contain the communist menace.  Alas, the winners of the wars author the history books, and the texts taught in school portray America’s alliance with Stalin as necessary to defeat the most evil man in history, Adolf Hitler.  The truth of the massacre in the Katyn forest, of course, isn’t even mentioned, nor are the countless atrocities carried out by Stalin’s Red Army.  Of course, today’s textbooks include several chapters detailing Hitler’s horrible deeds, and many schools even screen Schindler’s List to reinforce the sickening evil of the Third Reich.  Films about the Kaytn massacre do exist, but they will never be shown in any American or European classroom.  It simply doesn’t fit the “official” version of what happened in World War II.