The Betrayal of Germany

The American form of democratic republicanism was ostensibly designed so that constituents could interact with their elected representatives to ensure the needs of the people in any one congressional district would be represented in the House of Representatives by the individual elected by his respective district. Of course, over the years, big money and special interests groups grew to possess far more influence on elected officials than voters from each congressman’s district, but the original design of this electoral process was fundamentally sound.

In Europe, however, elected officials have grown further and further out of touch from what the citizens of each European Union country truly want. A perfectly harrowing example is on full display in 2015 Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel–“Time” magazine’s “Person of the Year”–has completely betrayed the trust of her citizens by completely ignoring their pleas to keep Germany’s borders secure. In 2015 alone, Merkel has facilitated the importation of 1.5 million Muslim immigrants into Germany–a country the geographic size of the state of Wisconsin–thereby throwing the country into utter disarray. (Making matters worse are predictions that, in 2016, Germany will accept an even greater number of so-called “refugees.”)

Merkel’s government hasn’t merely flooded Germany with foreign invaders–it has evicted German residents from their homes to house the migrant invaders, placed 1,500 migrants in a German town with a native population of just 500 people, and has otherwise blissfully ignored the pleas of the German people to cease the influx of what are supposedly refugees from war-torn Syria. As the residents of Germany–as well as Austria, Greece, and Sweden–have learned, less than one of every four invaders is actually from Syria; the majority are from neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries, and these invaders have made it perfectly clear they are arriving in Europe to enjoy the benefits of government-funded assistance and free housing. Indeed, the controlled media have not broadcast a single minute of footage–hours of which exist on YouTube and elsewhere–showing migrants arriving in Europe boasting about the money they plan to collect from their new host governments and proclaiming that the overrun European nations will soon be dominated by Muslims and Sharia Law.

Despite the media’s attempt to portray these migrants as women and children desperate to escape the Syrian civil war, United Nations data reveals that the average “refugee” is a male Muslim between the ages of 18 and 30. Ignored by the media is the strategy of these invaders: arrive in a welcoming, progressive European country, obtain welfare assistance and housing–and then send for the rest of their family, thereby virtually quadrupling the already staggering number of Muslim invaders stampeding across Europe. Also being ignored are the brutal crimes being committed by these invaders: already documented are rapes of young girls, clashes with police and aid workers simply trying to distribute supplies, and protests in which the Muslims announce they will breed with the native women to grown in numbers, after which they plan to abolish what little remains of freedom in Europe in exchange for Sharia Law. The most grotesque case occurred in Great Britain, where a Muslim-led sex-trafficking ring led to the sexual abuse of more than 1,400 minors–a practice that was allowed to continue because investigating officers did not want to be labeled “racist.”

How, then, did Merkel grow so out of touch with the wishes of those she represents? It should be clear, of course, that Merkel is serving not the German people but another master, one hell-bent on the utter annihilation of Europe and its transformation into a cosmopolitan third-world civilization. Why else would she leave her country’s borders open and announce Germany would take every migrant that arrived on Duestchland’s doorstep? Why would she, during a press conference, push a German flag out of view and mutter that it was embarrassing? Who is Merkel really working for?

It’s not the German people–that much is certain. The average German citizen is fed up–fed up with the squalid conditions of the refugee camps, the trash left everywhere in the streets by ungrateful migrants, the rising crime and targeting of young German woman for sexual assault. Despite being forced to forever live in the guilty shadow of the Holocaust, the Germans remain a proud people, and they refuse to be overrun and out-bred by savages with no interest in assimilating into German culture or obeying the laws of the land. Every week, more than a dozen refugee centers are set ablaze by disaffected German citizens tired of their country being turned into a Caliphate. Physical attacks on Muslims are on the rise as well. Alas, this is the result of forcing two very different groups of people together and telling the native peoples they must change their way of life to accommodate the invaders. The violence will only continue to escalate as the Muslim invaders feel more and more at home. Then what?

Within the next 15 years, a leader will rise in Europe–not necessarily from Germany, but from a country within the EU–that makes Adolf Hitler look like Mother Theresa. Indeed, all of the elements that catapulted Hitler to power are present–waves of foreigners, a poor economy, a lack of national pride and unity, a failing central government–and this new leader will espouse many of the same messages Hitler voiced in the streets nearly 100 years ago. The citizens of Europe are ready; in fact, a Czech newspaper recently conducted a poll that indicated 60 percent of respondents would vote for Hitler today to address the Muslim invasion crisis. (Predictably, the story was retracted due to pressure from the powers-that-be.) Invoking a fervent sense of nationalism and racial identity and self-presevation, this new leader will inspire millions to take back Europe and drive the Muslim hordes back to the Middle East…or face even more dire consequences.

Such a development might invoke World War III, depending on if NATO opts to get involved. Regardless, it is a battle that must be fought. Those of European decent represent only 7 percent of the world’s population, and the death rate exceeds the birth rate in every European country. The next 20 years represent a fight for the very existence of the European peoples–and, while they are badly outnumbered, their fighting ferocity cannot be underestimated. This is the race that discovered and conquered the entire world. This is the race that very nearly defeated the Soviet Union while also in possession of France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. The European lion has been slumbering for far too long. Once awakened, there will be work to be done, and it will be dirty work indeed. The survival of the European people depends on it.